How To Shape Your Light - Shane Hurlbut Filmmakers Academy lesson
MasterClass versus Filmmakers Academy: Which is Better?

Filmmakers Academy vs MasterClass Review: Which is Best for Filmmakers?

More filmmakers than ever before are turning to online resources to learn from the masters. But what platform delivers the most comprehensive experience with real-world techniques and knowledge?  Both platforms include instructors that are leaders in the film industry. MasterClass, for example, furnishes…
Shane Hurlbut ASC Best Cinematography Tools for the Production Office


I sat down with Filmmakers Academy mentor Joaquin Elizondo for episode 35 of his Hollywood Editing Mentor Podcast. Post-production is full of its own unique challenges separate from production. But let’s face it, sometimes they get overshadowed compared to some of the harrowing stories we hear from…
Cinematography: Storytelling with Light and Shadows with Shane Hurlbut ASC
Cinefade - Constant Exposure Depth of Field Shift

Depth of Field CINEFADE Effect with Shane Hurlbut ASC

Changing the depth of field is a subtle yet powerful way to portray a character's emotion in a scene. Shane Hurlbut, ASC recently used the "Cinefade VariND" on the movie Tall Girl 2. When Jodi (Ava Michelle) hears her inner voice of self-doubt, Shane uses the Cinefade to subtly enhance the moment. Watch…
Nicole Hirsch Whitaker interview with Filmmakers Academy

“One Piece” Cinematographer Nicole Hirsch Whitaker

Emmy-nominated cinematographer Nicole Hirsch Whitaker is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts and has worked in the industry for decades. Filmmakers Academy sat down with Nicole while in the middle of filming the live-action Netflix adaptation of One Piece, an extraordinarily popular manga, and…
Top 5 Filmmakers Academy Courses & Lessons
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Top 5 Filmmakers Academy Courses & Lessons

Whether you’re trying to learn filmmaking free from a classroom or want to build upon what you’ve learned in film school, Filmmakers Academy is your best bet for real-life knowledge from industry experts. We give you the kind of practical education that you just won’t find from other online filmmaking…
Filmmakers Academy producing mentor Jamee Ranta - The Art of Producing Course

Rules for Success From a Movie Producer

In Part 2, Filmmakers Academy producing mentor Jamee Ranta explores the finer details of communication and provides some tips and solutions for when challenges arise.   You’re going to learn: The three parts of conflict resolution How to effectively set boundaries  Considerations…
Intro to Shooting Reality TV with Filmmakers Academy mentor Sherri Kauk

This is How You Shoot Reality TV

Man-to-man coverage, zone coverage, and mobile free-flow operating are three essential techniques to master as a reality TV camera operator. Camera Op Sherri Kauk breaks down how she uses these techniques to get the most out of her footage.    MAN-TO-MAN COVERAGE:  Sherri first asks herself,…
Is Filmmakers Academy worth it?

What Makes Filmmakers Academy So Powerful?

There are more ways to learn the art of filmmaking at this moment than ever before. While film school is still one of the best ways to network and learn the fundamentals, nothing beats on-the-job experience.  Filmmakers Academy bridges the gap between the fundamentals and real-world experience. In…
Filmmaking lighting study - 150w Dedolight and Lekolite

Filmmaking Lighting Guide: Dedolight and Lekolite

The Dedolight kit is one of those tools you’ll find on every electric truck, especially when it comes to interior shoot days. These lights are the king of accent lighting and help make your image pop. In this lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC, and gaffer Eric Forand take you through the dedolight and where…
Ava Berkofsky ASC and Insecure Celebrate dark skin tones

Ava Berkofsky ASC and Insecure Celebrate Dark Skin Tones

As Insecure comes to a close following five celebrated seasons, the coming-of-age series helmed by Issa Rae will certainly sparkle among the stars of other iconic HBO shows. Cinematographer Ava Berkofsky, ASC played a crucial role in devising the look of Insecure, joining the seminal series in its second…
Cinematography Tip by Shane Hurlbut: DIY Warm Lighting
New Tiffen Warm Diffusion Filters 2022

Tiffen Warm Diffusion Filters 2022

The Tiffen Company manufactures filters that filmmakers trust from discerning amateurs to Hollywood cinematographers. Over the years, Filmmakers Academy’s cinematography mentor, Shane Hurlbut, ASC, reviewed the quality and value of Tiffen Filters. He even worked alongside the Tiffen Company to create…
Filmmakers Academy Director mentor Jordan Brady shares director inspiration

Filmmaking Tip: Director Inspiration

In this Filmmakers Academy Tip of the Day, Filmmakers Academy mentor Jordan Brady shares how to find director inspiration.  Find Your Director Inspiration You may be surprised by what you hear. For instance, directors can reach far outside the bounds past filmmaking inspiration. Directors could…
Camera Assistant Lesson: How To Set Up Your Focus Monitor

Camera Assistant Lesson: How To Set Up Your Focus Monitor

We unlocked the premium lesson, How To Set Up Your Focus Monitor! Follow along as 1st AC Derek Edwards takes us through focus assist and how to set up a focus monitor.      You’re going to learn: The focus monitor is the eyes of the camera How focus peaking can be a great tool for…
The Summer of Wellness


Who doesn’t love those summer months where the days are longer, the sun is brighter, and life feels even more beautiful? While summer is typically the most active season, filmmakers face long stretches of time under the sun, sweltering heat waves, and less time to recover after the work day. We care…
Top 15 On Set Cinematography Tools

On Set Cinematography Tools

In Part 3 of Shane Hurlbut ASC’s Best Cinematography Tools, Shane reveals his Top 15 tools that he uses on set in production.  You’re going to learn: About the Top 15 best cinematography tools that Shane uses on-set along with an explanation for why each item is essential.  Watch…
Finding the Frame with Cinematographer Michael Dallatorre

Finding the Frame: Michael Dallatorre

Michael Dallatorre worked his way up from prepping cameras at Panavision to lensing films like Brightburn, Studio 666, and the Amazon Prime Original film Emergency. Filmmakers Academy’s Brendan Sweeney sat down with Dallatorre to discuss his career from starting out in the prep room to his approach…
Evolution of editor Joaquin Elizondo


Joaquin Elizondo created Hollywood Editing Mentor because he wanted to share knowledge and help other editors. When Joaquin relocated to Los Angeles, he had been working as an editor in broadcast media for 15 years (since 2002).  Before even considering a mentorship, Joaquin thought he could reach…
Filmmakers Academy Music Licensing and Selection Course - Lesson 1


Every successful filmmaker has benefited from a few mentors that helped spark their career in the film industry. Mentorships come in all shapes and sizes, some direct and others indirect. Shane Hurlbut, ASC has benefitted from numerous mentorships to get to the position of lensing multi-million dollar…
BLUESHAPE 2022: Powering the Film Industry

BLUESHAPE 2022: Powering the Film Industry

Blueshape is not only a leading battery company that powers productions across the film industry, but it also empowers filmmakers to think eco-friendly. As a V-lock and Gold Mount battery manufacturer, Blueshape creates some of our favorite products from waterproof batteries to award-winning generators.  In…
The Look of Top Gun Maverick
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Top Gun: Maverick revolutionized aerial cinematography by placing actors and camera systems directly in the cockpit of real fighter jets. The result was authentic performances that could never be replicated with CGI. While audiences today are all too familiar with CGI in their action flicks, the over-polished…
2022 5DayDeal Bundle

What’s in the 2022 5DayDeal?

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, the 5DayDeal is back and better than ever, featuring three bundles with nearly 35 amazing filmmaking products and services for one super low price.  If you’re new to one of the best annual deals for filmmakers, 5DayDeal allows your favorite filmmaking…
Finding the Frame with Matthew Chuang, ACS - Presented by Filmmakers Academy

Finding the Frame: Matthew Chuang, ACS

Matthew Chuang, ACS visits Filmmakers Academy for the Finding the Frame interview series hosted by Brendan Sweeney. Chuang recently returned to Los Angeles after wrapping Of an Age in Melbourne, his second collaboration with writer and director Goran Stolevski. He sits down to talk about his journey…
Mental Health in the Film Industry thumbnail

Mental Health in the Film Industry

Seasoned filmmakers understand that health, wellness, and safety are the key tenets of lasting mental health – and a long career in the film industry. Of course, talent and hard work are essential for getting the next job and progressing in your field. However, if you do not sustain your mind and body,…
Top 10 Tools for Tech and Location Scout

Tech & Location Scouting Kit for Cinematographers

In Part 1 of Shane Hurlbut ASC’s Best Cinematography Tools, Shane reveals the top 10 tools that he takes with him on the location scout.  You’re going to learn: Shane’s essential tools that he uses on a location scout so he is ready for any scenario that comes his way! Watch Lesson 1.…