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Filmmakers Academy presents three unique podcasts that feature industry leaders who explore the latest trends, disclose insights into the craft, and offer leadership and lifestyle guidance tailored to filmmakers.

The Inner Circle Podcast logo - Filmmakers Academy Podcast

Filmmakers Academy’s flagship podcast is back and better than ever!

Hosts Lydia and Shane Hurlbut, ASC chat with industry leaders from top filmmakers, health experts, and beyond, spotlighting subjects useful to filmmakers pursuing successful and sustainable careers.

In addition to new episodes is a robust archive containing a wealth of knowledge.

Finding the Frame Podcast logo - a Filmmakers Academy Podcast

The #1 filmmaking-centric podcast interviews the best filmmakers in the industry!

Brendan Sweeney sits down with prominent filmmakers from ASC cinematographers to Oscar winners, exploring their career journeys and approach to their craft.

Episodes are available to everyone live on our platform but recorded episodes are exclusive to FA members.

HEM Podcast logo - in Filmmakers Academy podcasts

The ultimate show for editors who want to break into the biz!

In association with the Hollywood Editing Mentor, presented and hosted by Joaquin Elizondo (Narcos: Mexico), the HEM Podcast features editors and post-production specialists who shine a light on navigating the industry and advice on successfully scaling your career in the edit bay.

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