50% Off end of summer light sale

Filmtools End Of Summer LIGHT SALE!

Filmtools have just launched a sale that has some INCREDIBLE deals! Here we pick out the best deals for our members and followers.
Filmsupply EditFest - $80,000 In Cash & Prizes

Filmsupply’s Edit Fest – $80k in cash & prizes!

We’re proud to announce the Filmsupply Edit Fest! Editors will have 30 days to create a 60-second spec piece using footage from Filmsupply in 1 of 3 categories; Advertisement, Movie Trailer, or Title Sequence. The winners will get recognized by some of the biggest names in the film industry and there are prizes of more than $80,000 in cash to the winners.
Blueshape Batteries Granite Mini Anton Bauer

Blueshape Batteries – Power And Performance

Which Battery Is Best For Filmmakers? Shane Talk About His Personal Preference And Introduces A Big Giveaway From Blueshape.
SIC Podcast Episode 7: Lighting Large Day Interiors

Light Quality – What Is The Best Light for the Job?

This month we'll focus on light quality. We'll be taking your lighting technique to the next level, including commentary on essential tools, lighting large spaces, powering your lights, Chimera soft banks, Rosco LitePads and DIY lighting. Play it here: Or download the file here: February 2015 Podcast Members…
Filmmakers Shane Hurlbut and Mark Vilmos

The Modern Cinematographer – On-Set Essentials

Want to know the essentials that Shane Hurlbut ASC puts onto his cart? Here’s the man himself to lift the lid on what equipment he uses on set every day.
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Tools of the Filmmaking Trade – What’s in your bag?

There are many tools in a cinematographers arsenal, and I don't just mean lights and cameras. When prepping for your next production there are a lot of things to consider. What gear you want to use to tell your story, how you want to collaborate with your director and/or cinematographer, and what shots…
Rocky beats the Russian
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Making Movies an American Dream

Movie-making - an American Dream “It ain’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forwards.” - Rocky Balboa   When I think about movies, about why I wanted to be involved in making movies, I have a real sense of pride that America has always…
Ed Phillips of Matthews Studio Equipment with Hurlbuts

A Friend, A Pioneer & A Legend – Ed Phillips

Legend is a term we hear banded around in this industry over and over and, most of the time, it’s a point that is debated, questioned, open to interpretation and is often merely an opinion. However, there are those that are universally accepted by everyone and, when I learned this weekend about the…
Cartman abducted by aliens gif
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Macro – How to Make Images LARGER Than Life!

Question: There’s an interesting lens coming out on a macro probe lens 24 millimeter that seems to make amazing techniques but won’t be out for a while. Is there a way to do this kind of shooting or similar shooting? Also very interested in how you approach lighting for studio macro lens shooting,…
Loading a LUT with DaVinci Resolve Part 4

Loading a LUT with DaVinci Resolve: Part 4

Creating and baking in a unique LOOK with 3D LUTs. Why, how to use in DaVinci Resolve, and how to install and use LUTs on set.
Create 3D LUTS Cinemtography filmmaker film movies tv shooting DP lights

Create 3D LUTs to for an Artistic Look with DaVinci Resolve: Part 3

Creating and baking in a unique LOOK with 3D LUTs. Why, how to use in DaVinci Resolve, and how to install and use LUTs on set.
Raw Cinemtography filmmaker film movies tv shooting DP lights

RAW Footage Transformed to 3D LUTs with DaVinci Resolve: Part 2

Creating and baking in a unique LOOK with 3D LUTs. Why, how to use in DaVinci Resolve, and how to install and use LUTs on set.
Baked in Cinemtography filmmaker film movies tv shooting DP lights

Baked in Looks – Create 3D LUTs with DaVinci Resolve Part 1

Creating and baking in a unique LOOK with 3D LUTs. Why, how to use in DaVinci Resolve, and how to install and use LUTs on set.
Silhouette of Fidencio Flores in Esfuerzo
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Documentary Filmmaking – 5 Rules for Success!

Let’s talk documentaries. They come in all shapes and sizes. You have your True Crime and Expose docs. Then, there’s your Biographical and Autobiographical docs. Oh, and don’t forget Satire and Mockumentaries – they’re a staple of filmmaking that have even garnered popularity among news…

Canon C300 MK II – The Power in a Narrative Documentary Format

The Canon C300 Mark II has a ton of impressive tech under the hood and is a major advancement over the original C300. It turned out to be a perfect complement to our small production crew for a variety of reasons. Best of all, the images are beautiful and it’s very easy to use.

#StandWithMe – Flipping The Traditional Documentary Model on Its Ear

Patrick Moreau and the entire Stillmotion team have an amazing project that we would like to share with you. Their hope with #standwithme was to blur the lines of traditional documentary storytelling.
Filmmakers shoot documentary outside

5D – Shooting a Documentary in the Field

This summer, my phone rang and my friend, Erica Tremblay, was on the other end of the [...]
Close up of grapes in Esfuerzo documentary
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Pitching your Documentary – ESFUERZO

Documentaries should produce fascinating stories while maintaining informative components. Your pitch needs to be compelling to entice the right producer.
Trash Can Gag - Fire and Lamp Light
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Trash Can Gag – Fire And Lamp Light

Some of my favorite setups throughout my career have been trying to emulate fire and lamp light. In terms of complexity and logistics, this has to be one of the hardest setups to execute. Fire is such an organic and spontaneous source to replicate and it takes time to figure out how to get it right.…
Shane Hurlbut creates DIY Light
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Trash Can Light – The Professional Build Video

Time to let one of my best kept secrets out of the bag, "The Trash Can Fire light"! I thought I’d share my innovation and creation from Into the Badlands. It starts with a light that I don’t think a lot of you know exists. It’s an awesome light to have in your arsenal. It’s called the…
Film Editor Dylan

Filmmaking Fitness – Stay Healthy and On Set

Filmmaking Fitness has been overlooked by cast and crew for long enough. It's time to take care of your bodies! You are a Director of Photography. You work on film sets for months at a time. You’re one of the key roles on set. You have hundreds of crew members who rely on you for direction…
Film Editor Dylan
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Murder Scene Cinematography

For this blog post we're gonna be getting dark and gritty. We're going to be making a murder scene on a budget. Grab your popcorn kids!   Here's a question I once got asked... What is your best advice for shooting a dramatic murder scene at night on a desolate road with little to no power supply?…
Twirling Woman in Switzerland

John Williams – The Sound Of Movies

Today we're going to be taking a quick look at the life and impact of cinema's most celebrated film composer; John Williams. Imagine being in a movie theater. You’ve waited in line to get tickets with all of the couples, the families and the first-time-daters. You’ve got your trough of popcorn,…
007 Production Call Sheet - Filmmaking
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How To Make a Call Sheet

A call sheet for film and TV production is like the Marauder’s Map for the day-to-day breakdown. You can consider it the end-all, be-all as far as production documents are concerned, as it covers key information that cast and crew need heading into the day. The most important information consists…
Camera and Filmmaking Animation
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Production Department – Unsung Heroes of Filmmaking

The production department is your lifeblood to any production. The word PRODUCTION is literally in the name. As the production, it’s their job to build the team, make sure everyone stays safe and alive, spread information, and maintain the production throughout the entirety of the filmmaking process…
Lydia Hurlbut

Hannibal Lecter – Scenes That Left a Mark

For the third in our series about scenes that we love to see, I wanted to gain a whole new perspective and invited my wife Lydia to discuss her favorite scene. Lydia, as well as being a huge movie fan and CEO of our company, has a background in nursing and a keen interest in mental health and psychology.…
Little boy opens door to an orange glow
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Close Encounters – Scenes That Left A Mark

Think. What movie moment made you go "I have to make movies"? Here's mine and it may shock you...
Screenwriters and producers
Screenwriter and director communicating
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As a screenwriter you’ll work with directors in numerous ways over the course of your career. Your role in the process will change as you grow and progress in the industry, so take this advice with a grain of salt! For many writers, especially those young in their careers, working with directors is a real curiosity. Let’s talk screenwriter/director relationships at the Indie and Micro Budget levels.
Film Editor Dylan

Up – Scenes That Left A Mark (pt II)

What movie moment made you go "I have to make movies"? My HV editorial rock star, Dylan Leong, has his say and it's another slam dunk!