Guide to Cinematic ND Filters 2021

When you’re just starting out as a cinematographer, understanding filters can seem a bit tricky. With all the different kinds of filters out there, it’s easy for filmmakers to slip up and use the wrong kind — or worse yet, fail to use one altogether. Especially when it could have enhanced your…

6 Tips for Renting Equipment from a Film Rental House

Any seasoned filmmaker will tell you how their relationship with their local film rental houses is their lifeblood, allowing fthem to gear up for production without needing to spend thousands of dollars in purchasing expensive equipment.  Yes, using a rental house can be expensive but it’s completely…
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The Art of Filmmaking Collaboration

The better you collaborate, the greater your chance for a successful film. That’s because, at its highest order, filmmaking collaboration occurs between various teams and departments to make a vision a reality. The goal is to work cohesively and work as a unit to boil down all the floating ideas, opinions,…
Side by side LUTs for Dark Skin Tones

LUTs for Dark Skin Tones

Part of what shapes the look of various cinematic genres derives from the color grading process. Take Christopher Nolan’s latest film Tenet, for instance. The film is packed full of Nolan’s signature visual effects but its enrichment of the protagonist’s (John David Washington) dark skin tones…
How To Create Room Tone - Filmmakers Academy

How To Light Characters and Create Room Tone

Understanding how to light characters and create room tone is one of the most important and subtle tools you can use to take your storytelling to the next level. In fact, the nature of your ambient light hinges on how you light the background, mid-ground, and foreground. This video shows you a glimpse…
Commercial Cinematography Breakdown

Commercial Cinematography: Owning the Night

Lighting cars at night can be a challenge, especially for commercial cinematography. You want to make a great impression and get the job done right. There are a lot of questions you first need to ask yourself. Namely, what camera and lenses should you choose? Then, how do you light fast-moving shots…
Composer designing soundtrack
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Musicbed: Timeless Films Need Cinematic Soundtracks

Part of what makes a film so timeless is the complementary nature it has between its visuals and cinematic soundtrack. Just imagine that iconic scene in Interstellar when Cooper (played by Matthew McConaughey) returns to the spacecraft Endurance from the ocean planet only to find that 23 years had elapsed?…

Start Your Career in the Film Industry with Artisha Mann-Cooper

Changing career paths is never an easy task and it can prove a bit daunting at first, especially if you’re switching to a passionate profession like filmmaking. But rest assured that it’s not nearly as big of a long shot as you might initially think. In fact, even if you work in an entirely different…
Directing Your First Documentary Film with Alana Maiello thumbnail
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Directing Your First Documentary Film with Alana Maiello

Alana Maiello is a documentary filmmaker with a fresh perspective. Her award-winning short film Esfuerzo appeared as part of the Court Métrage Short Film Corner at the 2018 Festival de Cannes while also winning the Audience Choice for Best Picture at the Oceanside International Film Festival. Presently,…

Inspiring Cinematography with Pow Shilo

Inspiration is the best source of motivation. When I land a new project, one of the first things I do to get the creative juices flowing is search for inspiration. This brings me to a variety of materials like photography books, paintings, classic films, and the work of my fellow peers. Of course, I…

Discover a Worldwide Filmmaking Community with Filmmakers Academy

Filmmaking is one of few art forms that actually necessitates an entire village to see a particular project through to the end. From working with storyboard artists in pre-production to the many departments and skilled artists in production and post, there are a ton of creative forces working towards…

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Workflow – Disney+ Safety

DaVinci Resolve revolutionized our post-production workflow for the Disney+ film Safety. Owned and developed by Blackmagic Design, DaVinci Resolve is a non-linear editing application that also specializes in color correction. But, its features and abilities go far beyond that.  It puts everyone on…
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RED Gemini: Innovations for Disney+ film Safety

RED Digital Cinema hit the market in 2005 and ever since the world of filmmaking has never been the same. RED was a major factor in revolutionizing the industry by making digital cinematography the standard for motion capture. And, trust me, I know a little something about that major turning point in…
Blueshape battery used on Disney+ movie

Blueshape Innovations for the Disney+ film Safety

There are a million different factors that go into making a film. And if one of those factors goes wrong, like say your battery gives out during a crucial moment, it could prove to be the difference between a successful shoot or spending a treasure trove of money on reshoots. That’s where Blueshape…
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Tiffen: Innovations for the Disney+ film “Safety”

One cannot simply stress the significance of color and what it means for the emotional experience of a film. This is especially the case for Disney and its vast vault of memorable films that transcend both time and space. That’s why I realized early on in pre-production for the newly released movie…
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Insta360: Virtual Scouting for the COVID-19 Era

The future is officially upon us with Insta360 and location scouting will never be the same. As we move forward into the COVID era, ensuring the safety of our industry professionals is our primary concern. The people who are on the ground grinding day in and day out are the glue that’s holding everything…
How to shoot sports action cinematography
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How to Shoot Sports Cinematography

The magic of cinema evokes emotion through feeling visceral moments that put you in the headspace of the protagonist.
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Shane’s Cinema Prep Kit Part 1

This Cinema Prep Kit has been built to help you to beat the boredom while you are isolating. Beginning with Shane's favorite books for inspiration, he will take you through the best cinematography books, apps and further lessons that we have made available for free as part of this kit!
Movie action sequence - Man jumps dirtbike

Foot Candles: The best way to gauge light

Shane Hurlbut, ASC, reveals one of his best tips for gauging light and it's all to do with a Spectra light meter, Foot Candles and an old 4 inch thick book!
BlackMagic Davinci Resolve Editing
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Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Camera Shake Hack

Dale Campbell and his team at Still Moving Media return with a fantastic Camera Shake Hack for Davinci Resolve.
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False Color Live Instagram Filmmaking Lesson

Demystifying False Color Live Instagram Lesson

Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you through False color, one of the key building blocks of learning how to expose your digital negative.
Protecting Your Image - Hurlbut Academy

Post-Production Webinar: Protecting Your Image with

This free recorded webinar from Shane Hurlbut, ASC and Michael Cioni reveal the secrets to maintaining your relationship with how your movie looks from concept to delivery, lens test to final product. 
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Make It Epic Challenge Winners & Special Mentions

The results of our Isolation Filmmaking Challenge where everyone around the World was tasked with making something boring look EPIC through camera work, lighting and great editing!
Overview of Audio in Fairlight Part 6 - Filmmakers Academy

Doing it all in Davinci – PART 6 – Overview of Audio in Fairlight

Dale Campbell of Still Moving Media guides you through using Davinci Resolve to edit, grade and finish audio on an advert for Aston Martin.
Lighting Effects in Davinci Part 5 - Filmmakers Academy

Doing it all in Davinci – PART 5 – Lighting Effects

Dale Campbell and Still Moving Media turn their attention to Lighting Effects for Davinci Resolve.
Power windows & Tracking in Davinci Part 4 - Filmmakers Academy

Doing it all in Davinci – PART 4 – Power windows & Tracking

Dale Campbell and Still Moving Media are now focusing on Tracking FX for Davinci Resolve.
Patch Replacer and Tracking FX in Davinci Part 3 - Filmmakers Academy

Doing it all in Davinci – PART 3 – Patch Replacer and Tracking FX

Dale Campbell and Still Moving Media return with Part 3 of their Doing It All In Davinci series. This time they're looking at Patch Replacement and Tracking.
Adjusting Color Temperature with Davinci Part 2 - Filmmakers Academy

Doing it all in Davinci – Part 2 – Adjusting Color Temperature

Dale Campbell and his team at Still Moving Media are back with the second part of their Doing It All In Davinci series and today they're looking at Blackmagic Raw and Color Temperature.
Introduction to Editing with Davinci Part 1 - Filmmakers Academy

Doing it all in Davinci – PART 1 – Introduction to Editing

Dale Campbell and Still Moving Media's Doing It All In Davinci 6 part editing tutorial. Dale focuses on editing, color grading and a little bit on sound design using a video that his team filmed for the launch of Aston Martin's latest car.