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While film school certainly is the place for filmmaking theory and fundamentals, Filmmakers Academy bridges the gap between the classroom and on-the-job experience. 

Learn and master techniques across various disciplines with on-the-job training videos, live virtual mentor coaching sessions, member networking opportunities, and exclusive events.

Members have access to educational videos and textbook lessons from the most popular filmmaking disciplines.  

Filmmakers Academy provides the educational content you need to learn and progress in your career while expanding your network and giving you a direct line to the masters. 

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Our Story

Filmmakers Academy was founded by Lydia and Shane Hurlbut ASC and began as Hurlbut Visuals in 2009 to educate and inspire filmmakers of all skill levels. The company began as a way for Shane to share his many years of experience as a filmmaker, his pioneering spirit with new cutting-edge technologies, and his theoretical and practical knowledge on both commercial and feature films.

The couple began Filmmakers Academy to share what took Shane 20 years of trial and error to learn on his own. Filmmakers Academy’s lessons contain field tested knowledge and innovation from feature films that catapult the career of a filmmaker by focusing them on what they need to know to succeed. The courses save professionals both time and money by directly delivering the experience of industry professionals.

Through the ongoing creation of original content, Shane and his highly-experienced team test new products and experiment with innovative techniques which they share with Filmmakers Academy members. Their goal is to ignite the passion and dreams of artists and filmmakers.

In 2021, the expansion of Filmmakers Academy was guided by Lydia Hurlbut as CEO of the Academy. With all of the advancements comes the growth of the business with new professionals of diverse backgrounds and experiences, who are invited as trusted colleagues who have helped Shane as a cinematographer.

Lydia and Shane’s talents naturally combine to provide an immersive learning experience to help filmmakers fast-track their careers, producing opportunities for themselves that were previously unimaginable.


  • 2009

    Launch of
    The Hurlblog

  • 2010

    Hurlbut Visuals Production Company was founded


  • 2011

    Hurlbut Visuals operated a hands-on educational booth at Cinegear and B&H Photo funded the company’s DSLR Educational Series for Cinema.

  • 2012

    Commissioned by Canon USA, Hurlbut Visuals produced The Ticket


  • 2013

    Brainstormed the vision and concept
    for Shane’s Inner Circle.

    The Inner Circle would evolve into the Hurlbut’s first attempt to formalize their passion for education.

  • 2014

    Launch of Shane’s Inner
    Circle membership


  • 2015

    Mentorship program for Women in Film

  • 2016

    SIC November Workshop


  • 2017

    Shane’s Inner Circle
    Content Shoot workshop

  • 2018

    Created the Hurlbut Academy Ambassador Program


  • 2019

    Launch of the Hurlbut Academy

  • 2021

    The Hurlbut Academy launches
    its new brand identity: