Sound Mixer Thomas Popp

Thomas Popp

Production Sound Mixer

Thomas Popp is a Production Sound Mixer with over 15 years of experience in Production Sound. He has worked on countless movies and television shows. Thomas also served as an ENG Sound Mixer on multiple documentaries, reality shows, and live-streamed events. This is where sound is imperative to record right the first time when it cannot be captured again.

He is the owner of his own private school, dedicated to helping Production Sound Mixers in the union world create better synergy for their department. He has traveled to China, Canada, and Mexico to teach masterclasses to aspiring professionals. Thomas also instructed at various schools around the US.

Thomas is also the creator of the Walkie Caddie, a tool-belt for your production walkie-talkie that helps you organize yourself on set. Check it out and reclaim your pockets today!

Currently, Thomas works as Marketing Director at, a retail location with multiple facilities around the world. He helps to educate people on the newest gear coming out and is available for a 1-on-1 mentorship to discuss packages and gigs that have sound requirements. Thomas LOVES brainstorming and ensuring all your sound bases are covered before your next gig.

Thomas will hook you from the moment you take his courses and livestreams. He lives and breathes sound and enjoys sharing the theories that will help you best tell your story. Thomas starts with the mindset, “I am not here to teach our students how to record sound. I am here to tell them how to help capture the performance better.”