Lydia Hurlbut
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Lydia Hurlbut

Wellness & Filmmaking Lifestyle Guru

Lydia Hurlbut is CEO of the Filmmakers Academy. Founded in 2009, the educational platform delivers comprehensive industry knowledge instructed by leading filmmaking professionals. In addition to Filmmakers Academy, Hurlbut is a certified life/business coach and a Holy Fire III Reiki practitioner.

For more than two decades, Hurlbut advocated and implemented health and wellness standards within a variety of professions. First graduating from Simmons College in Boston, MA, Hurlbut began a career as a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. After earning a master’s degree in forensic nursing at the University of Virginia a few years later, she specialized in investigating sexual violence. It was during this time, Hurlbut helped develop a program for law enforcement to prevent psychological burnout due to the nature of their work.

During the early 2000s, Hurlbut contributed to the National Public-Radio (KPCC) show AirTalk with Larry Mantle where she produced the show’s Health Dialogues segments.

With her combined experience in medical professions and as a certified life/business coach and Reiki practitioner, Hurlbut founded Hurlbut Visuals in 2009 with her husband Shane Hurlbut, ASC as a way to integrate both of their passions and make money doing what they love.

Hurlbut reimagines how filmmakers approach their own health and wellness. As a Filmmakers Academy Health & Wellness mentor, Hurlbut’s goal is to educate filmmakers on the value of a healthy lifestyle and how to do so while working long hours with a short turnaround. She shares helpful techniques on how to improve nutrition, boost energy, improve clarity, and feel like the best version of yourself.

With a creative mind and unique skill set, enhanced by strong relationships in the film industry, Hurlbut continues to define the Filmmakers Academy as an innovator and trusted source. Both achievements reflect her passion for improving the lives of next-generation filmmakers.