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Get the FREE Cinematographer Template Package!


Filmmaking Templates Packages

The Cinematographer Template Package is the ultimate solution for filmmakers as it includes every template from all other packs. That means you get template packs for cinematographers, film directors, gaffers, camera assistants, and key grips all in one!

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Filmmakers Academy Annual All Access Membership

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About Filmmakers Academy 

BAFTA Breakthrough Cinematographer Aaron Reid praises Filmmakers Academy as “a valuable learning resource for film craft” that “pushes learning film into the future.” Online Filmmaking Courses rates Filmmakers Academy 5/5 stars as the best-advanced filmmaking training platform. 

A trusted partner of the Academy Awards’ Gold Rising Program, British Cinematographer, RED Digital Cinema, and many other industry titans, discover how joining Filmmakers Academy All Access membership can support a successful career in the film industry with premium lessons and courses, coaching opportunities with industry leaders, and a global community in which to network and grow your career alongside!

  • 900+ hours of training videos across the most popular filmmaking disciplines 
  • Premium courses instructed by industry leaders, ranging from beginner to advanced 
  • Both online and in-person training, coaching, and networking events 
  • Premium podcasts that include the industry’s most decorated veterans 
  • Virtually engage with instructors in monthly coaching sessions
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  • Virtual Masterclasses that bring you on set and walk you through the filmmaking process
  • New content is added to our catalog on a weekly basis 
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Get the FREE Cinematographer Template Package!