Color Correcting

Terms & Techniques


Color Correcting

Terms & Techniques


7 Lessons

1+ hours of
instructional video

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7 Lessons

1+ hours of
instructional video

Access PDF

The building blocks of becoming an expert colorist

A career as a colorist is a rewarding experience. It’s your job to bring the cinematographer’s photography to life and meet the vision of the director. Simply put, you never stop learning. To keep up with the demands of the industry, you’ll need to be able to solve problems in the moment with the director or cinematographer at your side.

Master Colorist David Cole sits down in the color bay to teach the fundamentals of color grading, beginning with essential terminology, showing what each term means, along with his professional approach. David imparts his passion together with crucial information and concepts to give you the confidence you need to become an expert colorist. Then, he takes that terminology and applies it directly to the screen providing you with real-time examples to help you understand even the most complex of techniques.

Course Includes:

Detailed written breakdowns

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Look Inside The Course

  • Master Colorist David Cole in color bay
  • Color Correcting with Master Colorist David Cole
  • Master Colorist David Cole
  • DaVinci Resolve with Colorist David Cole


  • 01-Color Correcting: “The Blacks”
  • 02-Color Correcting: “The Mids & Highlights”
  • 03-Color Correcting: “Power Windows”
  • 04-Color Correcting: “Post Filtering Effects”
  • 05-Color Correcting: “Luminance Keys & Skin Fusion”
  • 06-Color Correcting: “Camera Shake & Post Light Shaping”
  • 07-Color Correcting: “Post Lens De-Tuning & Vintage Glass Effects”

About The Mentor

David Cole began his career in 1996 in Melbourne, Australia in the telecine department of AAV Digital Pictures. While maintaining his position as a colorist, his role expanded to Technical Director of Digital Film. He also assisted in the visual effects department as a Technical Director, writing scripts and other tools for the CG group.

In 2001, Cole joined The Post House Ltd in Wellington, New Zealand, as a Lead Digital Colourist on Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, and over the next several years helped pioneer DI in Australia and New Zealand. In 2004, Cole joined Weta Digital as Supervising and Lead Digital Colourist, setting up and leading the DI division for Peter Jackson’s King Kong, for which he earned a nomination for Outstanding Color Grading – Feature film, from the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards in its inaugural year.

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