Commercial Directing



Commercial Directing


16 Lessons

2+ hours of
instructional video

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16 Lessons

2+ hours of
instructional video

Access PDF

Discover how to navigate commercials
from the agency and client to production!

Advanced Commercial Directing teaches filmmakers how to wow both the agency and client to land the gig, plus all the necessary duties of pre-production to realize your vision in production!

In this course, Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you through his process for constructing your director’s treatment, conducting the agency phone call, crafting storyboards, and creating a shot list that includes the client/agency in the process. Discover the finer details of how to break down agency boards in order to build your own, work intuitively with the brand’s voice, and how to understand your budget to plan for the commercial production.

Course Includes:

Detailed written breakdowns

Agency Boards

Director’s Treatment

Shot lists


BTS Stills

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Look Inside The Course

  • Shane Hurlbut in Edit Bay - Advanced Commercial Directing
  • Advanced Commercial Directing Storyboards
  • Tone in pitch deck example
  • Map of Country


  • How a Director Preps a Commercial: Century 21
  • Writer and Director: How To Set Up Your Story In 3 Minutes 
  • Commercial Cinematography Part 1: Concept and Directors Treatment
  • Commercial Cinematography Part 2: Concept and Directors Treatment
  • Commercial Cinematography Part 3: Locations & Scout 
  • Commercial Cinematography Part 4: Uniting 180 Shooters 
  • Commercial Cinematography Part 5: Communication Tech 
  • Commercial Cinematography Part 6: Post Production
  • Commercial Directing: How To Build Your Treatment and Get the Job 
  • Commercial Directing: How To Prep For The Agency Phone Call
  • Commercial Directing: From Concept To Creation 
  • How To Achieve The Commercial Director’s Vision 
  • How To Prep a Commercial: Trane
  • How To Plan Plot and Shot List a Commercial: Trane
  • Commercial Directing: How To Prep for the Pre-Production Meeting
  • Commercial Directing: Delivering the Vision on Shoot Day

About The Mentor

Director of photography Shane Hurlbut, ASC works at the forefront of cinema as a storyteller, innovator and discerning collaborator, who brings more than three decades of experience to his art. He is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, the International Cinematographers Guild/Local 600, and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Some of his film credits include: We Are Marshall, Terminator: Salvation, Need for Speed, Act of Valor, Semi-Pro, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Into the Blue, Mr 3000, among many others. 

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