Mixing Dialog and Music with Fairlight

Mixing Dialogue and Music with Fairlight

What's that, you want to have voices and music at the same time? Mixing voices and music is a big problem that many editors have to face. Ross Papitto, my wonderguy on sound editing is here to not only solve that problem in DaVinci, but also to save your editorial lives!
When Harry Met Sully - spoof movie poster
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Judging A Film By Its COVERAGE

A while ago I got a question about coverage from a member in Australia (everyone sing “he comes from a land down-under!”):   "Hi Shane, I'm a weekend warrior filmmaker, and I have a reasonable grip on the shooting side, but I'm trying to understand the construction of an average 100…
Voice sweetening with Fairlight

Voice Sweetening with Fairlight

Do you know how much of an impact sound has on the film industry? TONS! I'm immensely lucky to have Ross Papitto on the Hurlbut Visuals crew as my sound engineer. This blog will blow your mind and take your productions into the stratosphere! Enjoy.
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XEEN Lenses in Action on the 8K Red Monstro

No color charts or lab tests here. See how the Xeen lenses stack up on RED's 8K Vista Vision Monstro sensor in the real world.
DaVinci Resolve Quick Tips: The Secret to Mixing Voices and Music with Fairlight

DaVinci Resolve: The Secret to Mixing Voices and Music with Fairlight

Chocolate and Vanilla, Yin and Yang, The Force and The Dark Side, Voice and Music. All things in this world require balance, room, air, peace. And like a Production Assistant trying to move an 18K, audio tracks work the best when they’re not stepping on each other's toes. Let's dive into DaVinci Resolve…
Shane Hurlbut: "Mo' cameras, mo' problems.'

Matching Cameras to Create One Image

How do you shoot your movies using all the different cameras? Join me as I demystify compression rates and articles and show how to use a bunch of different cameras to capture a scene as thoroughly and epically as possible.
Fixing Audio Hum with Fairlight

Fixing Audio Hum or Buzz with Fairlight

Ever captured some awesome footage to find that you have Hum and Buzz? Sound makes up a humongous part of any production. You need to have a sound mixer that can take your media to the next level. Ross Papitto is an epic sound engineer and part of the HV crew!
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Cinematography: Bit Depth Doesn’t Matter, But Story Does

I overheard a conversation between a young cinematographer and a colorist going back and forth discussing the importance of 10 bit color or higher.  I didn’t have time to interact then, so let me put my 2 cents in here and now. We have 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, 16-bit, all these bits. I personally…
Cheap lighting setup

Lighting Setup That Won’t Break the Bank!

Armando Ferreira, a popular YouTuber, filmmaker, and Inner Circle member, breaks down a simple lighting setup that doesn't break the bank! One of Armando's favorite affordable lights (Pictured below) is the Viltrox light. You can find it HERE: It provides a ton of light,…

Comfort Zone: Stay at Your Own Risk

Do you ever wake up in the morning and say, "God, I don't want to go into work today..."?  Believe it or not, I have those days too. Those are the days it's MOST important to push through your comfort zone. There's those days that you work on jobs that the director's not very nice, or the job is just…
Hollywood cinematographer Shane Hurlbut with lens

Focus, Formats, and Exposure – Master Cinematic Storytelling!

My July podcast is all about camera technology from formats and exposure to the emotion and motivation of focus pulling and much more. Topics covered include: What it takes to capture the “cinematic” look and feel with your camera Selecting your next camera: the pros & cons of Panasonic…
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Musicbed – Unlimited Music For Your Productions!

We’re proud to announce a revolutionary new aspect of Musicbed: the Musicbed Membership. For the first time, get unlimited music from the Musicbed artists you know and love for a monthly or annual fee. It’s a revolutionary take on the subscription model, giving filmmakers and creatives full access…
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Budget Lighting for Passion Projects

This month’s podcast focuses on your budget lighting questions. Specifically, I cover these topics: How-to lighting set-ups for Inner Circle member’s projects Advice for lighting on a micro-budget Tips on recreating looks in camera and in post How to light for an iPhone shoot The…
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TV Script – How to Write Like a PRO!

TV and online ads are becoming longer, more artistic feats. That said, many new writers make the mistake of handing in script formatted drafts to clients instead of TV formatted scripts. It’s actually an easy fix just by knowing the correct template to work with.
Filmmakers Academy member Les Gaddis

Les Gaddis – Member Spotlight

Something I really love about our Spotlight series is that it teaches us how we can learn a little something from our peers. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you never stop learning! This series has given great opportunity to grow as a filmmaker, allowing us to compare our skills and techniques…
MoVI Pro gimbal tips

MōVI Tips & Tools – Applying a Filter

This video and accompanying article is all about MōVI tips and tricks! How to get the most from your device. Using a Matte Box with a Filter on the MōVI: The preferred way to mount a filter with your MōVI is with the use of a matte box. The Misfit Atom 4x5.65"/4x4" Ultra Lightweight 2-Stage…
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Canon Camera Setups for Cinematic Vision

Oh boy, we've got a whole SLEW of Canon Camera related questions this week. Let's get into it! SIC Podcast EP. 9 is now live on iTunes! Submit your questions HERE. Podcast Questions: 1:13 How much image manipulation is done with the footage that comes from the Canon C500? When you spoke…
How To Rig Your Camera

Single Shooter – How to Rig Your Camera Series

Sometimes you don’t want your camera to be heavy and comfortable for your handheld. Sometimes you have to move around, you’re on your own as a single shooter and don’t have a whole camera crew to help you out. So what do I turn to to bridge that gap between a full studio build and my run and gun…
MoVI Gimbal Op and Technician Chris Herr

MoVi Pro – Top 10 Accessories For Your Rig

Ever since I first deployed the MoVi M10 on the film Fathers and Daughters, I’ve been blown away by the creative possibilities it creates. Freefly’s original lineup eventually expanded out to include the M5, M10 and M15 and then in November of 2016 we got the MoVi Pro. And through all those years…
Mushroom Coffee Mix

Coffee – Top 5 Alternatives to Get You Moving!

Coffee Rocks! I started drinking it in college as a nursing student when I had to be at the hospital by 6:00 am and have enjoyed it ever since, except when I was pregnant. A cup of coffee in the morning is routine not only for me, but for many filmmakers, especially those with early call times or pulling…
Creating cinematic depth in filmmaking
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Smoke & Haze – Creating Cinematic Depth

One of my most favorite ways of not only creating depth, but diffusion with smoke & haze. In this series I’m going to focus on what creates depth in an image, how to get it, and why it's so important.
Shane Hurlbut tracking shot

Shoulder Mount – How to Rig Your Camera Series

In today's article, we'll be taking a look at how to rig a shoulder mount for your camera. Shoulder mounts are a great run and gun style mount, or equally comfortable when operating on a dolly for a smooth but handheld feel.   The best handheld sound camera I ever used was the Panavision…
Ryan Gosling Neon lights

Film Productions – Tips and Tricks

Creating a healthy DP-Director relationship is a key element to having a smooth production. This podcast will show the must-knows behind establishing a productive shoot.
RED Monstro 8K

Xeen Lenses Skin Tone – Red Monstro Test

Full frame is the new darling of the cinematography world, but the larger frame means a lot of the glass we’ve been used to using just won’t cover...
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Lighting in Any Situation – Cinematic Results NOW

In this podcast, we really wanted to focus on the importance of lighting. If you want to rise up the ranks as a director of photography, you need to learn the principles of what makes good and bad lighting.
RED Camera Rig

Studio Build – How to Rig Your Camera

There's a million and one ways to rig a camera, here I go into detail on how I rig my cameras for "Studio Mode"
Embarking on a Journey with Faelan Maley

Galapagos – Embarking on a Journey

Fáelán, is a cinematographer on a mission, and she’s going to take us through her most recent expedition; filming in the rainforest.
Darth Vader: "When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master."

Matthew Giblin – Creator Spotlight

It’s not an easy feat to make your mark in an over-saturated landscape like Hollywood, and that’s what makes a community like the SIC such an important network. If you want to master the industry in today’s climate, it takes constant strives for self improvement; something Matthew has achieved with his latest reel!