Shane Hurlbut creates DIY Light
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Trash Can Light – The Professional Build Video

Time to let one of my best kept secrets out of the bag, "The Trash Can Fire light"! I thought I’d share my innovation and creation from Into the Badlands. It starts with a light that I don’t think a lot of you know exists. It’s an awesome light to have in your arsenal. It’s called the…
Hollywood cinematographer Shane Hurlbut with lens

Filmmaking Fitness – Stay Healthy and On Set

Filmmaking Fitness has been overlooked by cast and crew for long enough. It's time to take care of your bodies! You are a Director of Photography. You work on film sets for months at a time. You’re one of the key roles on set. You have hundreds of crew members who rely on you for direction…
Hollywood cinematographer Shane Hurlbut with lens
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Murder Scene Cinematography

For this blog post we're gonna be getting dark and gritty. We're going to be making a murder scene on a budget. Grab your popcorn kids!   Here's a question I once got asked... What is your best advice for shooting a dramatic murder scene at night on a desolate road with little to no power supply?…
Twirling Woman in Switzerland

John Williams – The Sound Of Movies

Today we're going to be taking a quick look at the life and impact of cinema's most celebrated film composer; John Williams. Imagine being in a movie theater. You’ve waited in line to get tickets with all of the couples, the families and the first-time-daters. You’ve got your trough of popcorn,…
007 Production Call Sheet - Filmmaking
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How To Make a Call Sheet

A call sheet for film and TV production is like the Marauder’s Map for the day-to-day breakdown. You can consider it the end-all, be-all as far as production documents are concerned, as it covers key information that cast and crew need heading into the day. The most important information consists…
Camera and Filmmaking Animation
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Production Department – Unsung Heroes of Filmmaking

The production department is your lifeblood to any production. The word PRODUCTION is literally in the name. As the production, it’s their job to build the team, make sure everyone stays safe and alive, spread information, and maintain the production throughout the entirety of the filmmaking process…
Lydia Hurlbut

Hannibal Lecter – Scenes That Left a Mark

For the third in our series about scenes that we love to see, I wanted to gain a whole new perspective and invited my wife Lydia to discuss her favorite scene. Lydia, as well as being a huge movie fan and CEO of our company, has a background in nursing and a keen interest in mental health and psychology.…
Little boy opens door to an orange glow
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Close Encounters – Scenes That Left A Mark

Think. What movie moment made you go "I have to make movies"? Here's mine and it may shock you...
Screenwriters and producers
Screenwriter and director communicating
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As a screenwriter you’ll work with directors in numerous ways over the course of your career. Your role in the process will change as you grow and progress in the industry, so take this advice with a grain of salt! For many writers, especially those young in their careers, working with directors is a real curiosity. Let’s talk screenwriter/director relationships at the Indie and Micro Budget levels.
Film Editor Dylan

Pixar’s Up: Scenes That Left A Mark – Part 2

What movie moment made you go "I have to make movies"? My HV editorial rock star, Dylan Leong, has his say and it's another slam dunk!
Painting fence in movie

Film Production: Killing Them with Kindness

Wanna make it on movie sets? You've got to learn to deal with some tough cookies and develop an alligator skin, but it's totally worth it! Here's my stories from on set...
Filmmaker Buster Keaton in black and white

Buster Keaton – Silence is Golden

On the anniversary of his death, Chris Haigh pays homage to Buster Keaton, the greatest clown of all whose inspiration lives on in the modern movie world.
Pixar logo
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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Filmmakers, are you a fan of Pixar movies? Thank Steve Jobs, building design and teamwork. Read more to find out why...
The Deer Hunter film is the real Tropic Thunder movie
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The Deer Hunter – The Real Tropic Thunder

Think you've heard of crazy things happening on movie sets? Think again. Here's a story of near death experiences, deadly snakes, a military coup and half the star-studded cast narrowly avoiding being washed into the South China Sea!
Cartoon boy with glasses in theater

Learn filmmaking online from industry experts

We capped off 2018 by looking at the American film industry, at those who dared to dream and in doing so changed filmmakers' worlds for the better. If you didn't see it, it's right here. This first post of 2019 begins with the same theme - dreams; the dreams we have here at Filmmakers Academy (one…
Screenwriter typing on laptop

Best Online Resources for Screenwriters 2019

Good screenwriting doesn’t come easy. If you think it does, you’re probably not reading enough. It demands an understanding of universal truths and possessing a well-anchored self-awareness. This translates to numerous drafts, collaborations, and a proven toolkit of resources. Ultimately, it’s…
Mixing Dialog and Music with Fairlight

Mixing Dialogue and Music with Fairlight

What's that, you want to have voices and music at the same time? Mixing voices and music is a big problem that many editors have to face. Ross Papitto, my wonderguy on sound editing is here to not only solve that problem in DaVinci, but also to save your editorial lives!
When Harry Met Sully - spoof movie poster
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Judging A Film By Its COVERAGE

A while ago I got a question about coverage from a member in Australia (everyone sing “he comes from a land down-under!”):   "Hi Shane, I'm a weekend warrior filmmaker, and I have a reasonable grip on the shooting side, but I'm trying to understand the construction of an average 100…
Voice sweetening with Fairlight

Voice Sweetening with Fairlight

Do you know how much of an impact sound has on the film industry? TONS! I'm immensely lucky to have Ross Papitto on the Hurlbut Visuals crew as my sound engineer. This blog will blow your mind and take your productions into the stratosphere! Enjoy.
Man on beach at sunset

XEEN Lenses in Action on the 8K Red Monstro

No color charts or lab tests here. See how the Xeen lenses stack up on RED's 8K Vista Vision Monstro sensor in the real world.
DaVinci Resolve Quick Tips: The Secret to Mixing Voices and Music with Fairlight

DaVinci Resolve Quick Tips: The Secret to Mixing Voices and Music with Fairlight

DaVinci Resolve Quick Tips: The Secret to Mixing Voices and Music with Fairlight By Ross Papitto Chocolate and Vanilla, Yin and Yang, The Force and The Dark Side, Voice and Music. All things in this world require balance, room, air, peace. And like a Production Assistant  trying to move an 18k,…
Shane Hurlbut: "Mo' cameras, mo' problems.'

Matching Cameras to Create One Image

How do you shoot your movies using all the different cameras? Join me as I demystify compression rates and articles and show how to use a bunch of different cameras to capture a scene as thoroughly and epically as possible.
Fixing Audio Hum with Fairlight

Fixing Audio Hum or Buzz with Fairlight

Ever captured some awesome footage to find that you have Hum and Buzz? Sound makes up a humongous part of any production. You need to have a sound mixer that can take your media to the next level. Ross Papitto is an epic sound engineer and part of the HV crew!
Navy Seals repelling off of helicopter into boat

Cinematography: Bit Depth Doesn’t Matter, But Story Does

I overheard a conversation between a young cinematographer and a colorist going back and forth discussing the importance of 10 bit color or higher.  I didn’t have time to interact then, so let me put my 2 cents in here and now. We have 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, 16-bit, all these bits. I personally…
Film Lighting for Late Afternoon, Dusk, Twilight

FilmSupply’s Not-So-Secret Santa

50K Giveaway, 50+ Winners, only 3 weeks to get in on it. Read on for how to win.
Cheap lighting setup

Lighting Setup That Won’t Break the Bank!

Armando Ferreira, a popular YouTuber, filmmaker, and Inner Circle member, breaks down a simple lighting setup that doesn't break the bank! One of Armando's favorite affordable lights (Pictured below) is the Viltrox light. You can find it HERE: It provides a ton of light,…

Comfort Zone: Stay at Your Own Risk

Do you ever wake up in the morning and say, "God, I don't want to go into work today..."?  Believe it or not, I have those days too. Those are the days it's MOST important to push through your comfort zone. There's those days that you work on jobs that the director's not very nice, or the job is just…
Hollywood cinematographer Shane Hurlbut with lens

Focus, Formats, and Exposure – Master Cinematic Storytelling!

My July podcast is all about camera technology from formats and exposure to the emotion and motivation of focus pulling and much more. Topics covered include: What it takes to capture the “cinematic” look and feel with your camera Selecting your next camera: the pros & cons of Panasonic…