Patch Replacer and Tracking FX in Davinci Part 3 - Filmmakers Academy

Doing it all in Davinci – PART 3 – Patch Replacer and Tracking FX

Dale Campbell and Still Moving Media return with Part 3 of their Doing It All In Davinci series. This time they're looking at Patch Replacement and Tracking.
Adjusting Color Temperature with Davinci Part 2 - Filmmakers Academy

Doing it all in Davinci – Part 2 – Adjusting Color Temperature

Dale Campbell and his team at Still Moving Media are back with the second part of their Doing It All In Davinci series and today they're looking at Blackmagic Raw and Color Temperature.
Introduction to Editing with Davinci Part 1 - Filmmakers Academy

Doing it all in Davinci – PART 1 – Introduction to Editing

Dale Campbell and Still Moving Media's Doing It All In Davinci 6 part editing tutorial. Dale focuses on editing, color grading and a little bit on sound design using a video that his team filmed for the launch of Aston Martin's latest car.
Take Something Routine. Make It Look Exciting. Win Big.

MAKE IT EPIC – Isolation Filmmaking Challenge

Introducing our Isolation Filmmaker Challenge - MAKE IT EPIC - It's free to enter with a prize for the video we think is the best.
Agents of Shield Save Lives


Find out the fantastic story of a group of filmmakers who found a novel way to save lives during the COVID-19 crisis.
Xeen CF vs Xeen Classic Test - Filmmakers Academy

Xeen CF vs Xeen Classic Lens Test

If you're looking for the right kind of Xeen lens, you've come to the right place! Today we conduct a Xeen CF vs Xeen Classic test, and compare even further with our Red Primes.  First off, what I like to do is just put them up on the same camera so these are both mounted on RED Gemini 5K…
Cinematography Depth of Field

Depth of Field: Focusing on Character & Story

Depth of field is as important as your composition or picking a focal length. It’s the emotion, the punctuation, and the eyes of the story in filmmaking.
The Look of Parasite - Filmmakers Academy

The Look Of Parasite

By popular demand, the Hurlbut Academy team breaks down Bong Joon-Ho's multi Academy Award winning masterpiece, Parasite. We dive into the composition of shots, the camera and lens choices, storyboarding and set design, camera movement and more!
Find Your Breakthrough - Musicbed

Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC: “When I’m Stuck”

Shane talks about what to do if you are stuck using examples from his time on the filmset as part of an initiative for our friends at Musicbed.
Infrared cinematography on The Enclave by Richard Mosse

An Introduction to Infrared Cinematography

Shooting in IR is actually very easy to do, but only after you have learned some of the basics and thought about why you want to use it. Like with all rules there’s a time and place to break them for creative purposes.
The Look of the Lighthouse - Filmmakers Academy

The Look Of The Lighthouse

 Color Black and White Aspect Ratio 1.19 : 1 Camera Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2, Bausch & Lomb Baltar and Petzval Lenses Laboratory FotoKem Laboratory, Burbank (CA), USA (processing) Harbor Picture Company, New York (NY), USA (digital intermediate) Negative…
Old Film History Moon

Film: The History of Celluloid in Filmmaking

The history of the film format in filmmaking, it's importance in how we make films, why we should keep film alive, and where we cinematography is going with this medium.
Shane Hurlbut building softbox lighting

Softbox – Construction and Theory

You wanna know how to make a Softbox that can rival the most expensive ones on the market? I like to make my own equipment so it works for me on screen. Now I'm revealing one of my best kept secrets using materials that cost next to nothing - even using BEDSHEETS! You won't want to miss out on this explosive blog that will give you the edge on set.
The Look of the Irishman - Filmmakers Academy

The Look Of The Irishman

Following the groundbreaking success of The Look Of Joker, Hurlbut Academy's team turn to Scorsese's The Irishman for the next deep cinematography break down video and article
Grid of Movie Posters

The 10 Types Of Movie – A Poster Analysis

Have you ever looked at a movie poster and thought you'd seen it before? Here's 10 movie poster types and the tons of movies that follow them from twitter account @leesteffen
Best Picture Movie Posters - Hurlbut Academy

Best Picture – Oscars 2020 – Interactive Article

Vote for your very own Best Picture Oscar 2020 and find out how voting happens for the Academy Awards in this article by HA writer Chris Haigh
The Look of 1917 - How Deakins achieved the Oner

The Look Of 1917

Hurlbut Academy Writer Chris Haigh & Editor Ross Papitto comprehensively break down the Cinematography and Look of the Golden Globe Winning Film, 1917.
Joker and Chernobyl soundtracks

What Makes Guðnadóttir’s Chernobyl Soundtrack Better Than Her Golden Globe Winner?

Hildur Guðnadóttir shot into the public eye last year winning an Emmy for her soundtrack to HBO's Chernobyl and then recently with her Golden Globes win and Oscar Nomination for Todd Phillips' Joker. What makes the former even more intriguing? Find out in this video essay and article by Hurlbut Academy writer, Chris Haigh
Matthews Rock n Roller Stand Wheels

MSE Rock n’ Roller Wheels

Matthews New Rock N' Roller Wheels will make transporting equipment easier no matter what terrain!
Adobe Creative Cloud

Get up to 70% Off Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe's Black Friday Deal has offers that you'll want to look at!
BTS Joker Joaquin Phoenix Joker Cinematography

The Look of Joker

In this Video Essay and supporting article, Hurlbut Academy looks at the look and cinematography of the 2019 smash hit movie "Joker".
NAB Show in Hollywood

CineEmerge Show Comes To Hollywood

Join NAB show for a day in Hollywood for an interactive and community building experience where you can explore in-depth perspectives on emerging trends shaping the future of content creation.
Art and Cinematography of HBO's Chernobyl Truth at All Costs

The Look of HBO’s Chernobyl

In the first of a series of blog posts about the cinematography and look of the latest and greatest movies and TV shows, Chris Haigh explores HBO's masterpiece "Chernobyl" and how vintage lenses added to the spectacular look of Soviet Ukraine.

In Motion Filmmaking Conference

Midwest Filmmakers! This is an event that you will not want to miss - the "In Motion Filmmaking Conference" will be held next month in downtown St. Louis - for more details click here!
50% Off end of summer light sale

Filmtools End Of Summer LIGHT SALE!

Filmtools have just launched a sale that has some INCREDIBLE deals! Here we pick out the best deals for our members and followers.
Filmsupply EditFest - $80,000 In Cash & Prizes

Filmsupply’s Edit Fest – $80k in cash & prizes!

We’re proud to announce the Filmsupply Edit Fest! Editors will have 30 days to create a 60-second spec piece using footage from Filmsupply in 1 of 3 categories; Advertisement, Movie Trailer, or Title Sequence. The winners will get recognized by some of the biggest names in the film industry and there are prizes of more than $80,000 in cash to the winners.
Blueshape Batteries Granite Mini Anton Bauer

Blueshape Batteries – Power And Performance

Which Battery Is Best For Filmmakers? Shane Talk About His Personal Preference And Introduces A Big Giveaway From Blueshape.
SIC Podcast Episode 7: Lighting Large Day Interiors

Light Quality: What Is The Best Light for the Job?

This month, we're taking a deep plunge into lighting! Get ready, we're taking your lighting technique to the next level, including commentary on essential tools, how to light large spaces, power your lights, and work with Chimera soft banks, Rosco LitePads, and DIY lighting. Play it here: February…
Filmmakers Shane Hurlbut and Mark Vilmos

The Modern Cinematographer – On-Set Essentials

Want to know the essentials that Shane Hurlbut ASC puts onto his cart? Here’s the man himself to lift the lid on what equipment he uses on set every day.

Tools of the Filmmaking Trade – What’s in your bag?

There are many tools in a cinematographers arsenal, and I don't just mean lights and cameras. When prepping for your next production there are a lot of things to consider. What gear you want to use to tell your story, how you want to collaborate with your director and/or cinematographer, and what shots…