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Sherri Kauk – Cinematographer



Book a one-hour video call with Sherri Kauk. Here’s where you will receive crucial advice, be able to ask questions and review your work! Benefit from a professional mentorship and advance your craft!


Sherri Kauk, The Shooter’s Playbook: Man-To-Man, Zone Coverage & Moving Your Feet

We introduced Sherri Kauk to you with the first three videos of her presentation on “The Shooter’s Playbook.” We are continuing with the next three parts of her presentation. Sherri is an accomplished Director of Photography, Camera Operator and Gaffer. We are incredibly thrilled to showcase Sherri’s work as a talented female Director of Photography […]


Cinematic Trailblazers: Visionary Mentors of Filmmakers Academy

Welcome to the realm where dreams are crafted into cinematic masterpieces, visionaries shape the future of storytelling, and innovation meets artistry.  Filmmakers Academy proudly stands at the forefront of nurturing the next generation of filmmakers. At the heart of our success lie the luminaries who guide and inspire our members — our esteemed mentor instructors. […]


Cine Gear LA Expo 2023 Field Guide

The Cine Gear Expo has served as a launchpad for filmmaking equipment and advancements since 1996. As filmmaking professionals, it’s the ideal setting to get your hands on gear, learn about new services, and network with your peers.  This year, Cine Gear returns to Paramount Pictures Studios on Melrose. Filmmakers Academy will be in attendance […]


Holiday Deals for Filmmakers 2022

Happy holidays! Whether you seek the ideal gift for that filmmaker in your life or are yourself a filmmaker in pursuit of the best filmmaking deals, you’re in the right place.  We’re rolling off Black Friday and Cyber Monday and into the holiday season. The bottom line is some deals dissolved while others changed. We […]


Filmmakers Academy vs MasterClass Review: Which is Best for Filmmakers?

More filmmakers than ever before are turning to online resources to learn from the masters. But what platform delivers the most comprehensive experience with real-world techniques and knowledge?  Both platforms include instructors that are leaders in the film industry. MasterClass, for example, furnishes celebrity creatives who explore theory and why they do what they do. […]


This is How You Shoot Reality TV

Man-to-man coverage, zone coverage, and mobile free-flow operating are three essential techniques to master as a reality TV camera operator. Camera Op Sherri Kauk breaks down how she uses these techniques to get the most out of her footage.    MAN-TO-MAN COVERAGE:  Sherri first asks herself, will she cover the scene in zone coverage […]



Who doesn’t love those summer months where the days are longer, the sun is brighter, and life feels even more beautiful? While summer is typically the most active season, filmmakers face long stretches of time under the sun, sweltering heat waves, and less time to recover after the work day. We care about protecting your […]


Filmmakers Academy 2022 Roadmap

Make 2022 the year you master your craft with the best online filmmaking courses. Never before has it been easier to learn directly from filmmaking professionals and grow in your filmmaking discipline.  Every filmmaking course and lesson is streamable on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and smart TV with the Filmmakers Academy app (available at the […]


Our Favorite Black Friday Deals

There’s no better time in the year to score big on huge savings than Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday (which has expanded into an entire week!). Like a good filmmaker, you’ve waited all year for this moment, so now you can get what you need for a fraction of the cost. That’s why we […]